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Vacuum Kitty Productions makes art at a slow and leisurely pace. Soon, we will make Vacuum Kitty Productions' two most popular books, Television and Food, available for your reading pleasure.

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What's so funny about Peace Love and Understandin'?

Years of anger

  • I just deleted years of anger.
  • All the Bush Crime Family crap
  • Election stuff
  • Secret police and lack of privacy and
  • I don't want to remember.
  • Now I just want to prosecute the bastards
  • Sign the petition to get a Special Prosecutor for Bush War Crimes

.Jon Stewart

I love him. I love him. I love him. And where he goes I"ll follow. I'll follow I'll follow, well, not to Crossfire unless I can watch it on the Internet. All hail Jon Stewart and see him speak for us, the masses, on Crossfire. Wow. That was old too. I should have a separate entry from Stephen Colbert, but I'm too lazy at the moment. Right now I'm just trying to pitch all the anger towards the prior administration. More later.

I Love Al Franken! I do I do I LOVE Al Franken

Wow. This stuff was old. Right now I'm so excited to call him Senator Franken. Number 60. Except I want him to be number 59 and for them to kick out Joe Lieberman.

Al Franken and Jon Stewart together

Watch this clip of the Daily Show where Jon Stewart talks about Al Franken.

Mike Malloy (website)

Healthy Eating

  • Ban Trans Fats
  • Parents Against Junk Food -- Christopher Kimball, the host of America's Test Kitchen and editor of Cooks Illustrated magazine is help leading the way for healthier food for kids and grown-ups too. I get his Email newsletter which provides healthier but tasty versions of great food, like today's included banana bread and New York Cheese Cake. These recipes are reduced fat but they demand good taste.
  • I'm also a big fan of Dr. Andrew Weil who believes in integrative medicine. Integrative medicine is healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative.

Study for free at MIT?

  • Yup. Pretty cool huh? The drawback: no credit or access to staff. Still. MIT for Free. And it even rhymes. I don't understand how they do the music and physical education classes but all I have to do is click to find out.

Fun Stuff

Keep up to date

  • Rockridge Institute -- Progress Politics Think Tank, Learn how to reframe the debate!
  • Crooks and Liars dot com -- Lots of interesting tidbits here, like video of many things, including the Boxer/Condi SNL skit! Check it out!
  • Center for American Progress - or look at their action site for what YOU can do to advocate
  • Raw Story dot com tells it like it is, according to Mike Malloy
  • Alternet -- A mix of news including analysis, commentators (Will Durst, Jim Hightower, Arianna Huffington, Molly Ivins, Robert Scheer and more!) discussion groups

Wal-Mart Sucks

But I still think workers and management of Safeway and all California grocery stores have to get together to unionize Wal-Mart.

Buying Clothes Not Made in a Sweatshop

This is something I have struggled with for years. A new documentary about a jeans factory in ChinaChina Blue will be aired on PBS



"We are not to expect to be translated from despotism to liberty in a feather-bed."

--Thomas Jefferson to Lafayette, 1790. ME 8:13


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All Rights Reserved

Please email me with your favorite peace sites. Thanks!


Which is why our headquarters are in San Francisco. Okay, at first we weren't so excited about the fog, because it is dreary and cold. But after spending a weekend in the HOT sun, we have come to really appreciate it. More San Francisco sites:


Somebody must have said be fruitful and multiply because the babies just keep bouncing out. Go on, take a look.

Okay, Sammy isn't a baby anymore! If you don't believe me, go visit his web site. Don't forget to look at his birthday wish list under toys. Really, it doesn't have to be his birthday to give him toys. That's what he says anyway.


Vacuum Kitty does not provide employment for anyone, so we at VKP have to find outside jobs, and since we love the Bay Area, we will continue to work here. Check out our Bay Area Job Resources.


Reading, writing, and just holding them in our paws. This is of course why we publish. Here are some great links to all kinds of stuff:

Here are some services that search for new and used books:

Book Club

I love my book club, which is generously hosted by Bird & Beckett Books & Records in Glen Park. Check out this link on Glen Park too! We've read the following books in the past several years:


Did you know that I do web sites? Yes indeed! Not as much as I used to but I was the webmaster for the Pacific Exchange, fka Pacific Stock Exchange, for four years. Their web site looked better then -- not so busy, and more stately. I'm not providing a link to it because I have nothing to do with how it looks now. Well, perhaps some of the internal pages.

I also did various intranet sites, the human resources content area of the CCH web site circa 1998 and a site for Megan Levitan when she ran for supervisor in San Francisco in 2000..


Our current book and labor of love. Vacuum Kitty's Food Book


And we proudly admit it. This was our first book. And if you like TV even half as much as we do, you'll love the tv party Web site.


A friend of mine spent a year collecting answers from many people to the following question: What do you prefer, food, sex or sleep? The answer is obvious: whichever of these you get the least quantity or quality. I thought she should add bath or shower to the list. I mean, if you were in prison for five years, once you got out you wouldn't say Honey, let's go home so I can take a nap. That's when I realized that shower or bath should be added to the list. I've smelled those guys (ask me about my internship at the ACLU), and I know if I was in there, I'd want a nice long hot shower followed by a fresh supply of clean underwear when I got out.

A new twist on this whole thing for those of us at VKP is that after having a baby, the most important thing is SLEEP! I was surprised at how much I think and talk about sleep and poop. Well, frankly I wasn't surprised about the poop, but the sleep. Wow! My favorite present is getting to take a two hour nap!


"Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from god." - Kurt Vonnegut Jr. "Die old and leave a disgusting corpse." -Me!

My favorite author:

J.D. Salinger.

I like these other ones too:

All contributors to Television and Food - Now you can visit two of their web sites:

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Ira Levin (I don't have a good link for him yet. Let me know if you find one.)

Sherri Tepper

I really need to update this section. I haven't added a new author since 1996!

My very favorites' start with "R."

Other things I like:

  • Our new Puppy, Toby!
  • Our kitty: Skeeter (who has moved to Vacaville) and our RIPing kitties Scout and Spike
  • And our new Kitty: Emily!!!
  • My once beloved Kitty. This is a picture of her
  • Feather beds
  • Magenta (the color)
  • Blenders (Vacuum Kitty loves all home appliances): The Love Blender Romance Homepage
  • Vacuum Cleaners are very important: Stark's Museum of Vacuum Cleaners.
  • Camping - I prefer backpacking but I can't get anyone else to go!
  • Painting, drawing, and anything where you get to spread around a bunch of colors.
  • Movies.
  • I really like the sound effects in movies. Somehow walking in a building never sounds that good in real life. Sound America also has sound clips from lots of great movies, cartoons and TV shows, including South Park!
  • Peanut Butter Ice Cream! My latest favorite. Mmmmm. Peanut butter.

Speaking of Movies, these are some favorites:

Speaking of Movies, these are some of my favorite TV shows:


  • Fernando Botero - one of my favorite painters. This page has thumbnails of 36 paintings with links to many more
  • Car Talk - Click & Clack, aka Tom and Ray Magliozzi
  • The Elements of Style By William Strunk, Jr. It's not that I like reading it for fun, mind you; it's a wonderful reference.
  • Half.com - buy used stuff online but no head(heart)ache of going through an auction
  • Joe Frank's Official Web Site - I love Joe Frank. This site links to his site where you can become a member or not.
  • About.com's Urban Legends and Folklore Check that hoax! Please please please, before you forward any mail, other than jokes, please check here to see that it's most likely not true!
  • Melville, Herman. 1853. Bartleby, the Scrivener - the whole story. Right here!
  • Mother Jones Magazine
  • SpamCop - If you receive SPAM, instead of deciphering the headers yourself, go to this Web site, plop in your headers (or the entire email, including headers) and SpamCop will tell where to forward the email.

What do you think? Send me e-mail. I want to know!

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