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NEW: Those who donate blood between Sept. 1 and Sept. 13, 2011 may attend a free career workshop hosted by Stanford Blood Center. Counselors from Career Generations will share networking tips, plus recruiters from VMWare, Tibco, PAMF,, Option 1 Staffing, and Stanford Blood Center will be on site for one-on-one consultations. More info: 

For the freshly unemployed, don't forget to file an unemployment insurance claim with EDD. You no longer have to go into the building. Instead, you can file a claim over the phone, and you can also file online. Call the EDD 800 number and express interest in retraining before your 16th week of unemployment to qualify for retraining benefits. It's the only way to extend your unemployment checks past six months plus you may qualify for assistance with paying for the retraining. If you are interested in retraining, get into the program as soon as possible. I waited too long, exhausting all my employment opportunities first, but because I took so long, there was no money left in the program. However, after I got the job offers, they called me back in because they were refunded.

Read on if you're in Contra Costa County: A teacher from Contra Costa ROP (non-proifit) )emailed me, explaining that they are a non-profit with an adult training program that includes computer, medical and other vocational/technical classes (computer applications (MS Office), Web development, and graphic arts), and they are approved by EDD for CTB. It's only $45 for nine-weeks of training (180) hours . They work closely with EDD, the One Stop Centers, the Department of Rehabilitation, and other community based organizations to help students with funding and supportive services. Look at their web site for more.

My fifteen minutes of fame have already happened. I was in the Chronicle a while ago. Check out this groovy picture and read the article. But don't forget to keep the correction in mind. More recently I was in the Contra Costa Times because I file my taxes online!

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